You are a comet, get bigger, avoid stars and black holes.

This game is made for GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam 4


You can only switch your magnetic polarity by pressing Z  

Menu: S



If web version is laggy, set visibility to lower values, or download windows version.



Game is made using TIC-80 Fantasy Console and Wren language  

Source code


Post Jam Updates

Added trajectory view, you can control it by change visibility in menu.  

Some balance tweaks  

Scale down game for better visibility in komet v014


Have Fun!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorAndrei Rudenko
Made withTIC-80
Tagscomet, Pixel Art, Space, TIC-80
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button


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komet014.exe 2 MB
komet012.exe 2 MB


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Definitely my favourite one-button game. Love the minimal sounds and just the whole feel of it.

Thank you, i'm really happy that you like it. I'm in some calm meditative mood while playing.


This is super imaginative!

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Thank you! :)

got to 1000 then accidentally clicked s :(

Ah, i was thinking about this case :( , need to change menu button.

Really nice game, i got to over 600!

Thanks! Not bad! :D

i stopped at over 1600 my astroid took up almost half the screen only big  black holes and really massive stars could sway its course other wise i ran thru everything until i met an enormous black hole no way to get around it and it took half my astroid spent well over an hour its fun but gets boring after a while if i want to relax definite game to play great game!

Wow, thats a big comet. Ye game is infinite runner, so there is maybe need little bit more content, but for 3 days jam, i will keep it simple as it is. Thank you :)

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Cool game that uses science to create adventure and fun

Edit- my high sore was around 170

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Thank you! I was thinking about to make it more scientific, but it is game, so little bit fake phyiscs i good for fun :)

Hey! Played this on my channel and really enjoyed it. Found it very relaxing!


Haha, this is awesome!!! Black holes are "little bit" not fair, I think I know how to fix this. Thank you for this amazing letsplay! I really enjoy it.

Love the minimalist visuals and the way you used gravity. My highest score was 57, lowest was -1.  Really great polish. The control I had over my comet seemed a little finicky/ out of my control. It was really easy to mess up how long I should be holding z for.  I think with more practice it would be easy to get a hold on. The black hole sound was actually really scary when I was on my high score run (as it should be). Great job! Thanks for the game

Thank you, Phillip! Ye, I was thinking about how I can make game little bit easy. And I guess I find the way, I think trajectory path will be helpful to understand how comet will move. :)