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How did you learn to use tic-80 . I really want to learn how to make games with fantasy consoles?

Hey, to learn how to make games in TIC-80 i recommend learn TIC-80 Wiki and any supported language. Most easy is to learn LUA. 

So basicaly you learn language and TIC API simultaneously by practicing.

Also you can download TIC-80 cartriges here and see how other people write games is TIC. 

Thanks :)

Ok, this one is hard for me

Haha, music will help you do it faster :D

Maybe, I'll try again when i can.

Definitely worth the overall winner of the game jam! Fantastic use of the time limit, which adheres to the story, not just the mechanic. Perfect use of urgency and cute and colourful animals to help steer a players direction. Simple but effective mechanics really made this game. Fantastic work! 

Wow, this is awesome! Thank you!

Good stuff! NIce variations on the level designs. Really liked the little details, like the flashing monitors and hi-tech doo-hickeys. Its also cool that the larger size animals weigh you down more. Them beats are nice too. I find myself nodding along. 

Thank you!