Hey all, im trying my best but, it is what it is.
(my time was very limited, diplom etc)

The idea was to have 2+ players spawn in room,
then randomly spawn weapon and shield, also i planned add some simple AI for more fun.
For now only weapon spawns, when you get weapon your score go down by 2 every second, and player who not have weapon score up by 1.
If you kill player you get +(remaining time) points, if you hurt yourself -30pts.
After each +10 seconds the room spawning one weapon.

Take your friend and have fun together!

P1 controls:
left : A
right : D
jump : L SHIFT / W / Z
fire : SPACE / V

P2 controls:
left : LEFT
right : RIGHT
jump : UP/ K
fire : L / ENTER


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